Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a song (scarf?) before I go...

Just a song before I go,
To whom it may concern.
Travelling twice the speed of sound

It's easy to get burned.

When the shows were over
We had to get back home,
And when we opened up the door

I had to be alone.
This is all that's left of the handspun singles yarn. The top was a silk/cashmere blend, handpainted. I used most of the yarn as weft in a woven scarf for a gift a couple years ago. Last week I decided to clear off some bobbins to take to Penland. I'm not sure what's with me and the singles yarn lately.....whether I'm trying to prove a point, or just make precious fiber go further.

She helped me with my suitcase,
She stands before my eyes

Driving me to the airport,
And to the friendly skies.

Going through security
I held her for so long.
She finally looked at me in love,
And she was gone.

She probably would have helped with the yarn too.....given half the chance.

Just a song before I go,
A lesson to be learned.
Travelling twice the speed of sound
It's easy to get burned.

Words & Music - Graham Nash

For purposes of clarity, I'm off to Penland for two weeks of weaving with Randy Darwall. I'm driving, not flying, but this song keeps going through my head. Thinking back to the late '60's when this song was written, airport security was nothing compared to today!

The guys and Jazzy (above) will hold down the fort while I'm gone. I'll be in touch with them but will otherwise be incommunicado.

Watch for posts when I get back with more pictures and "prose"......promise!


  1. Have a *wonderful* time, Valerie!!! And a safe drive..

  2. Have a great time! Say hello to dear Penland for me. I can't wait to see the results of this workshop. Don't forget your camera! ;-)

  3. Have a wonderful time. Wishing you safe travels. Looking forward to an update when you return. The scarf is lovely.

  4. What a great song...

    And have a great time at Penland--looking forward to seeing what you bring back with, knowledge..etc!

    Enjoy your time of being incommunicado...sounds fabulous ;-)

  5. Have a great time! I'm looking forward to your reports.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful time Val... and I love the scarf!

  7. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Have a great time Val. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love your scarf!

  8. I absolutely love that song - great application. Actually, I thought you had already gone to that delicious two weeks. We'll be waiting~

  9. What a wonderful adventure!

    For some reason I think you are in the NE so if you have a chance on your drive...

    National Textile Museum in DC is a nice break.

    and Bellagio in Ashville

  10. I am soooooo jealous that you can not even begin to imagine! Randal Darwell is the reason that I am a weaver now! When I was in my first year at the Craft College,many many years ago, there were a series of workshops that were given and in my first Sept, Randall came to give a workshop. I hadn't understood why someone would want to weave until seeing his slides and having him throw some of his scarves into the audience. Grabbing one of them, I suddenly understood. And I haven't looked back. Occasionally he will teach a course at Haystack Mountain School of Craft which is about 5 hours drive from me. The last time, I had a 8 month old who was very attached to her mother. I really hope that he will come back up to Haystack within the next couple of years.
    I want to hear EVERYTHING!!!!!


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