Sunday, May 18, 2008

Colorful Update...

The singles merino from the previous post did indeed hit the dyepot. Then it occurred to me that some may doubt that the singles would be useful without biasing so I give you this photo of the dyed and dried yarn:

Below you see the color inspiration for the yarn. Now to come up with a lace pattern that satisfies my interpretation of "Bleeding Hearts".

Meanwhile some of the roving from this post has been spun into this sample skein. It's plied rather firmly (click on photo for detail) because I'm thinking of it as a weaving yarn. That could change after I sample with this bit of yarn.

Still making lists of things to pack and last minute chores. I hope to post one more time before heading off to Penland.


  1. Your pinks and purple are my granddaughter's favorite colors. I'm used to seeing them together because she always picks them to wear.

  2. What a beautiful match for the pinks. I like the lavender too.

  3. The color is spot on, looking forward to seeing what pattern you choose for the "Bleeding Hearts".

  4. Oh - lovely! The merino yarn was wonderful white but you topped it with the "Bleeding Heart". I can't wait to see what it grows up to be.


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