Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Art of the Long View....

Life right now is busy, intense, filled with people and their problems. Fiber being merely an accessory to life. This is in direct juxtaposition to where I will be in two weeks as I travel to Penland. Where fiber will be the essence of my days and the rest will be the accessories to life.
I ofen wonder if I will ever achieve balance in my life. Once again I'm learning that achieving balance in my life has a lot to do with the decisions I make, the ordering of my priorities, and my ability to say no.

This is singles, handspun merino, 525 yards., 1.2 oz.

A reference for the grist and consistency of the spinning.

Here's the washed skein.

It feels like a little piece of heaven and will likely become lace.
The lace just might be something that I'll find in this

But before that, it may have an encounter with the dyepot.

But we'll have to see....

The answer just might be: "no".

Happy Mother's Day, what ever your maternal status and identity may be.


  1. Balance. Yeah. Exactly. I wonder for myself, too. If you find answers, tell the rest of us, OK? And that is wonderful, wonderful spinning!

  2. I am officially impressed! Well done, indeed.

  3. Balance in life and spinning grist - what a nice analogy. You will be the only person I know who has gone to Penland. I am so jealous - I don't know if I want to you tell all, or nothing. What a fantasy come true!

  4. Balance is so very difficult to achieve. I imagine Penland will be a wonderful break.

    Also, the photos in this post are *wonderful*!

  5. Your merino singles are beautiful! I have not been very successful with spinning singles. You, on the other hand, have perfected it!


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