Friday, April 11, 2008

Workshop 1:

This is the scarf designed, warped, and partially woven in Suzanne Halvorson's workshop at Heritage this past weekend.

One photo is daylight, the other is incandescent, hence the shift from blue/white tone to yellow tones.

The yarn is Bambu 7, the sett is 24 EPI for a warp faced weave. The structure is plain weave with pick and pick accents.

When I first cut the fabric off the loom, I was severely disappointed because the fabric was as stiff as card stock. My thoughts were, "Oh well, this will never make a scarf. Guess I'll figure out a way to make a small bag of it."

It is unbelievable how this fiber softens up with wet finishing! I soaked in tepid water with Eucalon overnight. (Overnight: primarily because I was exhausted from re-warping the loom and starting the new workshop with Jason Collingwood.) In the morning I squeezed out the excess moisture and threw it in the dryer with bath towels and a dryer sheet on extra low heat for about 12 minutes (as long as it took to eat my oatmeal). Since I had to leave the house to get to the other weaving workshop on time, I took the still very damp, very stiff, scarf out of the dryer and threw it across the ironing board to be dealt with later.

Last night after dragging myself, my loom, and all the stuff schlepped to Jason's workshop home, I walked past the scarf and touched it. Totally amazing!! Once dry it totally softened up and has beautiful drape worthy of a scarf.

All in all, I'm pleased with the result and would recommend giving Bambu yarn a try. Save your judgement until after it's washed.

I'll post on the Collingwood workshop later.


  1. In a word - WOW!

  2. Oh wowzers! That is beautiful and has given me more ideas! THANKS

  3. It's wonderful! So pretty! I've heard various things about bambu, so your experience is very helpful.

  4. Wow! That is simply gorgeous!

  5. Stunning!

    For me a simple weave structures with well chosen colour scheme beats out all of the complex drafts. Lovely!

  6. Very beautiful scarf.

    I had wondered what cloth woven of bambu fiber was like right off the loom and after wet finishing. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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