Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's become of me?!

Spent this afternoon hosting a tea party with my (non-fiber) friend, Janet. We coordinate the prayer chain at church and it appeared we had some kinks and weak links, so used the "tea" as a means to draw people together and encourage them a bit.

Janet got 100 of those little sandwiches & strawberries. I got the petits fours and other fruit. With a good selection of teas, we were all set.

There's irony in this:
  • I am not a "tea party" kind of gal. The whole time we were setting up, I told Janet I kept looking for a baby doll and a teddy bear to sit at the table. That's the only sort of tea party I've ever been too, until today....and I was one of the hosts!
  • Also, I had 5 (count 'em...five!) tea pots to bring to this event. All but one of them were gifts. (So other people must think I'm a tea party kind of gal?) Granted two of them were wedding gifts from 31 years ago, but still.
  • Janet isn't a tea party gal either, but she had all the stuff left to her by her mother-in-law. We bumbled along together, with fairly good result.
So what's becoming of me...Violin concerto's and tea parties?! I have a reputation to maintain here!

Spent yesterday washing the raw fibers in the Harry Chapin's "Cat's Cradle re-do" post.

The fleece in the top photo is 3.5 lbs. of Border Leicester X Romney. I bought it with plans to dye and spin it for tapestry weaving. The 3rd photo in that post is 12 oz. of fine white alpaca bought at the same time with absolutely no rational thought about what I would do with it or when I would process and spin it......

Now that's a bit more like my usual reputation!


  1. You made me laugh so hard, I was invited to one of these and felt really awkward. I like tea, iced and those tiny sammies, not really. I got through it, but I would want to host one. I was tempted to bring along my knitting, but refrained in hind sight I should have, it would have been a much livelier event.

  2. The real question here is whether the tea party helped to strengthen the weak links and make them feel more a part of the whole chain. If so, then the tea party was a success. Your reputation is still intact unless, of course, this was a white gloves and hats kind of tea party. That is another matter entirely.

  3. I have come to think of you as a peace maker so the tea party seems quite in character, actually.

    Love the crimp on your BL/Romney cross. Am spinning BL right now myself~

  4. I echo Mary's question - did it help to unify and strengthen the chain?

    Yearly our mother drug my sister and I to the May Mother/Daughter Tea Party. We could barely endure them growing up. A tea party with a circle of friendly teddy bears was far more enjoyable.


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