Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On being a "process" person:

Here it is....4 oz. of hand processed (washed, dyed, drum carded) merino x coopworth fleece. I don't think I've shown this fleece before. It's been washed and dyed for awhile.

Not pictured here: the border leicester x romney fleece is washed and dry, about half pound of corriedale is washed in the locks for future combing, and all of the white alpaca is washed and some of it combed.

I just basically enjoy processing good quality animal fiber. It's relaxing and satisfying to create a beautifully spinable product.

This week PBS has provided me with a lot of spinning time while watching Carrier. It's been fascinating to learn about life on the Nimitz.

Answering Comments: Mary & Wanda asked about the tea. We think it was effective. People just needed to be together and get a glimpse of why things work the way they do. No hats, white gloves, nor anyone under the age of 50 were present. However, we did ask them to bring a tea cup if they liked. A few beautiful pieces of bone china showed up, many of them inherited from mom's or mother-in-laws.

One of the women, Irene, has not been in church for most of this year because of emphysema. She's in her 80's and everyone loves her and takes her under their wing. It turns out that another of the women (a generation younger) brought a tea cup that originally belonged to Irene's mom. So that was kind of neat.

Gotta go drag the wheel in front of the tv. Carrier is about to start for the evening.


  1. Oh my - what a delicious confection you have in that basket and even better, it's that sweet spring girly color of lavender. This post implies posts to come - yea. I'll have to look for the Carrier series. Growing up in San Diego, I've been privy to a number of carrier tours.

  2. What a basket of beauty!

  3. Ooo, that is soooo yummy!

  4. Hmm, your basket of lovely dyed wools and the fact that you enjoy the process makes me wonder about tackling that end of spinning. And here I've been trying to bring a bit of balance to the fibery pursuits that already seem to demand attention.


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