Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter?!

This arrived overnight on Good Friday. Not to worry, another inch is due for Easter morning.

Why bother to dye eggs tonight? It would be more fun to hide undyed ones in this!

On a fiber note: dh made a new 5 drawer chest out of oak to match the book cases in the sewing room. I've been busy transferring items from the old chest to the new. This prompted doing an inventory of things in the sewing room. Thirty one zippers have been cataloged. Some of them originally cost 75 cents. I did throw away all of the old thread, assuming that it has reached some level of rot.

The question is: how far does one take this inventory thing?


  1. You've inventories your library - why not do it all?

  2. Happy Easter! God's wonderful creation all covered in snow. Very pretty, but not very "Eastery" for sure. Will there be a photo of the new chest?

  3. Playing in the snow was quite the Easter activity: we saw several snowmen in our travels yesterday (my favorite had an Easter basket in his/her hand).

    So tired of snow.

  4. I would love to see a picture of the chest too. So, Valerie, did you make the snow angel?


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