Monday, March 24, 2008

The Eggs of B*netton collection:

The left over dyes are in canning jars waiting for fiber. Maybe tomorrow,when more snow is scheduled to arrive.

In response to Charleen.....I'm no angel, I lifted the snow angel picture from google images. Sort of thought the empty silhouette fit the Easter theme.

To Mary and asked for photo's:

It's just a dresser. But what's important to me is that it fits the location between two doors. The case above the dresser is a cherry thimble case, also designed and constructed by dh.

Here are the bookcases the dresser was designed to match:

I know that Sharon is going to "biggen" the picture and see what's on my shelves. That's not the whole collection.......There are at least 7 more bookcases around the house. Only one shelf in the sewing room has fiction, that's the top shelf you see here that holds a few of my favorites: Wally Stegner, Margaret Atwood, Thomas Hardy, and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

The woodworking: I think dh does pretty good work....and the price is right (wink)!

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  1. Wow! Just a dresser? That dresser and book shelves are beautiful!

    I'm glad to know you didn't make that snow angel - I was in awe that you were able to stand back up and not smudge the outline :-)


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