Thursday, March 06, 2008

Batten down the hatches....

About 7" of wet heavy snow fell on Tuesday night. We cleared the driveway (yet again) and managed to get out to clear roads. But there's been something ominous about this weather.

We live on a wooded lot that is populated by the expected suburban woodland creatures, not to mention our guests at the bird feeders. The snow has been out there for over 24 hours and there is not a single animal track to be found. No squirrel, no raccoon, no 'possum.....not even the tiny little mice and vole tracks, all of which show up almost immediately after a snow. This is highly unusual and a little ominous. At least a few birds are chirping. But they aren't visible, not even at the bird feeder.

So I turned on my NOAA weather radio to hear the day's forecast in that male monotone automated voice: "Today is Thursday, March 6, the time 9:02 AM. The weather for the Detroit - Ann Arbor area: There is a severe winter storm warning beginning Friday at 4 PM until Sunday at 1 AM."

Apparently there will be no weather today. We are to just sit tight and wait for it all to arrive tomorrow at 4 PM.

I feel a little like the sparrow left on the perch of the bird feeder when a hawk flies into the neighborhood.


  1. Hope you're weathering the storm in top form and having plenty of time for fiber pursuits.

    There will be an end to the long winter you've endured.


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