Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Groundhog lied.....

The local groundhog in Howell, Michigan did not immediately return to his den 8 days ago, thereby forecasting the rapid arrival of spring. Bet that little sucker is in his den right now! The wind is howling and the temperature is plummeting. It's currently at 4 degrees F., not accounting for windchill.

Meanwhile I decided to cut myself some slack in the Proper Noun losing episode this week. I had several other social engagements later in the week and not a single proper noun was lost or misplaced. I attribute Tuesday's fiasco to having chaired a meeting at church the night before (until 10 PM), and facilitated a discussion group with 15 women earlier Tuesday morning. I was "peopled and pronouned out" by the time the lunch date rolled around.

2008, the year so far.....

It seems I keep learning the same lessons over and over again. Hopefully the repeat lessons take the learning to a deeper level. However it can be difficult to achieve depth with such density sometimes!

Almost 6 weeks into this year, it seems this year will be all about progress through small steps. It's been happening on a variety of levels:

  • Lifestyle choices:
  1. I've been doing WW online and am again reminded that healthy eating occurs one bite at a time and one choice at a time. So far I've shed 12 lbs. and haven't had a single hunger pang. However, I have had some delicious meals with savory new recipes.
  2. Also in the Lifestyle department has been showing up for yoga and cardio when I have a few minutes. Prior to flipping the calendar I was skipping exercise more often than I'd like because I didn't have a whole hour. Well, even 20 minutes here and there makes a difference, I am learning once again.
  • Fiber: Again, the small steps.
  1. Knitting: I've surveyed my works in progress and put on hold those things that just don't make sense for me right now. It's silly to work on fitted garments when the body is in flux. So shawls, socks, gloves, and scarves it will be for the personal knitting over the next few months. And those things work well for charity knitting too, so all else will be on hold for awhile.
  2. Weaving: Again, waiting for an afternoon or even an hour of weaving time to become available meant that no weaving was happening. So I've taken a cue from Bonnie and have begun spending "stolen moments" at the loom. What do you know?! Progress can be made in 15-20 minute segments through out the day!
  3. Spinning: I've spun a little bit. But there's not so much happening there yet.
  • Clearing the decks: I've put into motion the necessary steps to move out of some volunteer leadership positions that have eaten up a lot of my time and energy. By the time June rolls around, I will be off to "greener pastures".
  • As a celebration of that, I've taken some other steps to indulge in a real fiber treat about that time. Well...actually the treat is courtesy of the dh. I won't know for a few weeks if those plans will actually come to fruition. Keep a good thought for me on that front, it's out of my hands.
Probably the only downside to my habits this year has been the acquisition of reading materials at a pace much faster than I can read. There's aa wonderful stack of books piled up here. I know that I'll get through them just like all the other stuff: one step at a time.

Life is good.


  1. Your life sounds positively grand! You have really taken advantage of delayed spring. Thanks for the nod, and I am delighted that my little "tip" has proved helpful. I am inspired by your WW story as well. I have been going for almost 6 years now. It has been a struggle lately, and I am 8 lbs over my goal. I am saying lately, but it has really been for the past year. I am uplifted by your words. (and envious of your great book list)

  2. I love WW and turn to it as soon as I need to, always fighting that same five pounds. My DD joined for the first time last year and is very pleased with the results, because not only has she lost weight but the change in eating habits makes her feel better and gives her more energy. You're weaving and I'm spinning. I'm planning to put a warp on next Monday, the holiday. I gotta start!

  3. I absolutely agree, small steps are the only way to go to be successful at anything. Congratulations on those 12 pounds!

  4. Our groundhog lied too. But in my area, I have come to expect his lying ways!

  5. Ohhh...pile of books. I am here with you in reverse - trying to put weight on. I'd like to gain 10 lbs but it ain't happening. People say how can you relate to people trying to lose weight when you are so thin and that's why. It's the dieting, the thinking about what I eat yada yada yada. I get it. Only in reverse.


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