Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Darned Gloves!

We've had some cold weather this past week and I noticed that the first two fingers on my right hand were especially cold. Well, here's why:

These gloves were handknit with Koigu PPM about 4 years ago. I love handknit gloves. My hands are very long, especially from the wrist to the base of my fingers. Commercial gloves rarely fit me properly: if they fit in the hand then then the fingers are too long. Of course I could resort to those cheap, stretchy gloves on the display trees by the checkout counter of the discount stores.
  • They're synthetic and not very warm.
  • What would be the fun in that?

These gloves, along with a pair knit from Trekking sock yarn about 10 years ago, have been my staple for hand warmth over the past several seasons.

Earlier in the season the Trekking gloves totally gave up the ghost. All the fingers were worn through and there's no left over yarn to repair them. Now the Koigu ones too?...oh no!

Fortunately there is plenty of yarn left over in my stash, so I sat down last night and repaired them:

Wow...look at the difference between the 'used gloves' and the 'new yarn'. I basically just duplicate stitched over the worn threads since the fingers weren't worn through completely.

However it is very evident that new gloves are needed. I was tempted to make a special run to the yarn store for more Koigu. But since we were in the middle of yet another snow storm/travel advisory yesterday afternoon, I decided to shop in my stash instead.

I found some of my handspun Romney left over from the cool tones fair isle sweater I did a few years ago. The wool was from Kirsten Holbo at Iron Water Ranch. The yarn was spun semiworsted from mini-combed locks. The last issue of Spin Off magazine was still sitting beside my knitting chair, so I just cast on for the glove pattern in that issue. I think I'm in love!!

There's still some natural white and some charcoal brown/black Romney left over from that sweater. I'm thinking maybe I'll knit a whole new wardrobe of gloves for next season!!

Saturday is the Spinner's Flock winter sale. I've been debating on whether to head over there as a treat to myself. There is absolutely no need for stash enhancement here in Fiberewetopia. But I'm thinking if the first pair of gloves are finished by Saturday, they'll deserve a little outing. What d'ya think? Is that a good incentive?

PS. Thanks for all your supportive comments on my last couple of posts. That last one almost felt like a WW meeting! (oh my!!)
Some new (to my knowledge) visitors posted on the Ice Queen etc. I'm never sure of the best way to respond when there's no email address.
I do love to visit your blogs...but a response there to your response here seems disjointed. So here's my response: Welcome! And thanks for the comments!


  1. I have recently come to appreciate the value of hand knit hand warmers and now am scrambling for patterns, so your post really resonates. Sylvia Emory sent me mitts last year and when I couldn't find them for my drive this week, I completely freaked out and realized that I need to identify a pattern and make some myself. I shouldn't be surprised since once upon a time I thought people who knitted socks instead of buying them were nuts.

  2. My mom had the same glove issue as you except that she has short fingers. And there is nothing quite like hand knit mittens ( I haven't tried gloves yet, I'm a mitten kind of gal)

  3. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Hi Val,
    Like Jackie----I'm a mitten kind of gal too. I have never done gloves either. Any time I try to put gloves on , my fingers (arthritis) hurt. This hinders me from trying gloves. Maybe some day??? Thought about trying the ones knit side ways in Interweave. Your new ones look great. Have fun working on your new wardrobe!

  4. I agree about handknit gloves! Mine (which I've misplaced around here and have been missing sorely) have a little angora in the blend and so are very warm). I'm very impressed with your mending. I'm assuming you used a darning or tapestry needle to follow the old stitches(?) The new ones look really nice so far. Good choice of color and yarn.


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