Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Birthday Goodness...

If you have a birthday shortly after Christmas, you know that birthday goodies continue to trickle in after the day. Some of it is because shipping slows down after the Dec. 25 madness. Some of it is because stores are out of inventory and don't restock until they close out their books for the year. And then of course there's the fact that we are all broke. Nevertheless, here's the rest of the story:

This amazing book arrived bringing with it new vigor for sock knitting. There are some amazing ideas in Cat's latest book that can apply to just about any fitted tubular knitting:

You can look more here.

Lucky for me, another birthday present arrived which allowed me to prop Cat's book in my lap to follow along while knitting:

This cozy little book pillow can be found here.
Sure it can rest on a table as shown in the photo, but it's true value to the knitter is the ability to prop a book in your lap and hold the page while you read. Now you can read knitting instructions, but if you're on a stretch of garter or stockinette stitch, why not read from the top of the book pile on your night stand? There's a little weighted string book mark and the bolster like shaping keeps the pages from flipping.

It took a couple evenings of 'training' the cat to leave the string alone. We are still negotiating whether she gets to sit in front of the book (blocking my view) or on my legs behind the book rest.

But back to the book which begins with tutorials for two infant socks to help you get the concepts. Here are my test socks:

This is the "Little Sky Sock" which is knit from the cuff down and has unusual arch increase shaping which starts at the center front of the ankle, with the increased stitches flowing over the instep. Below is the front view:

There are number of sock patterns with innovations on this method of shaping to provide hours of interesting knitting and even more interesting looking socks.

The "Little Coriolis" sock below is knit from the toe with the interesting spiral band traveling across the instep. The opposite sock is knit mirror image.

Think of the possibilities! In an adult sock with more stitches, a cable can travel with the spiral. Or how about lace patterning? But before I strike off on my own, I plan to try a few of the luscious patterns that Cat has provided in the book. Then beyond socks, the same principles can apply to sleeves, mittens, hats, collars....

Excuse me, I must go knit.


  1. I bought that book too, on the recommendation of our guild president who swears by the fit of the socks, but I haven't made the time to knit any of the sample socks. I'll get on it - sometime this year.

  2. Oh dear, I'm a real sucker for sock books and your samples make quite the hard sell! I really like that lap book holder too. But I'd have the same problem as you regarding one of our cats.

  3. The samples and concepts are very cool. I keep thinking that I should break out of my sock knitting rut and try something new.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with the ideas in the book. A spiraling cable would be interesting!

  4. Thanks for posting photos of your CB baby socks.

    That book is fascinating - I thought her moebius stuff (magical knitting) was fun but to see the same mind at work with socks has really been a good time.hvrhdmu

  5. What great birthday gifts! I really like the book pillow. I have seen larger versions for pillows, but never the small one. Happy knitting.


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