Saturday, January 19, 2008


Another day with sunshine in SE Michigan! Will wonders never cease?

While up to my elbows in soapy water at the kitchen sink, a bit of sparkle caught my eye:

I keep 6 African Violets on the kitchen window sill, above the sink. I do not recall having a violet this color, but it's blooming and here it is. What is truly magic is the iridescence of each of the petals. Even more amazing is that the digital camera could capture it this well.

This is a real flower, and tiny as it is, it takes my breath away.

And while we're on iridescence, I started Ice Queen last night. The yarn is Filatura Di Crosa Superior, a luscious blend of cashmere and silk. I bought this one ball (at $24!? gasp!) for myself for my birthday (before I knew how well indulged I would be on this birthday).

I just happened to have some beads that go with. Then there was Cyndy's inspiration. And now we have temperatures to create demand for the finished object:

I'm knitting Version B, not because I like to purl, but because I like the garter version pf feather and fan pattern.

Stay warm and enjoy the sparkle.....


  1. Nice violet. Mine are covered in cat hair. I love the yarn and beads together - looking forward to the unveiling.

  2. Bonnie1:33 PM

    I've left you a little something on my blog, Valerie. Hike on over and take a look.


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