Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

The birthday is over but not forgotten. Below is a gift that came in yesterday's mail:

It's ~10 oz. of natural colored Polwarth pencil roving from my shepherd friend, Carole (blogless), who lives in the thumb portion of Michigan. My wheels have been quiet lately, but this may be Just the thing to jump start my spinning in '08. I'm thinking gloves and maybe a scarf. I wore out one pair of my handknit gloves last year and haven't replaced them yet.

This is what arrived in SE Michigan with the New Year:

It took dh most of the day to get us dug out with his trusty snow blower.

At I type, the New Year's Pork and Sauerkraut is in the oven. Both dh and I are from Pa. from where this traditions hails. Click on the link to learn more. There's still carrot cake left over from the birthday, and perhaps a few ounces of dessert port to finish off this first day of the year.

Wishing each of you all the very best for 2008. Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! I love your snow, I would love to have all of it here in Northern Virginia.

    This Western PA girl had her portion of the New Year's pork and sauerkraut today. We gave it a twist this year, the boyfriend threw the ham into the smoker with some hickory chips. I would love to make my own sauerkraut but I've heard horror stories of when it goes bad. :)

  2. Have a very happy new year, Valerie! And happy belated birthday!


  3. Oh - polworth! It will definitely set your wheels to spinning.

    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Nice way to start spinning in the new year! We had snow too. A lot of it. Really really lots. The first couple of storms were pretty.. Now all this snow is just getting in the way.

  5. wendy e6:02 AM

    Belated Happy birthday AND happy new year! Begin as you mean to continue - spinning, I mean, though pork & sauerkraut is good all year, too.

  6. Lovely Polwarth roving!

    Happy New Year!

    Have a great~ 2008!

    ...and kraut goes well with Turkey too (a Baltimore tradition...)

  7. Happy belated birthday!! I can't believe I missed reference to your birthday in your previous posts. I hope you had a wonderful day!

    You're a fellow Capricorn - it's no wonder I like your blog so much.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Boy, you have stiff competition when it comes to sharing a birthday. Best wishes to you and happy birthday!!

    I couldn't find an email link and am too besieged by the snow to answer with a blog. I finished Pest Control by Bill Fitzhugh - black humor and very funny. I had started and have now finished Digging to America by Anne Tyler. That was a second read for me and even better this time. So much fiction seems tortured, and I liked these people so much - it was a good, satisfying read.

    I *loved* Water for Elephants and would be curious to hear what your book club thought about the ending.


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