Friday, January 18, 2008

Bitter Cold, Bright Sun:

And yet, I will take this any day over 40 degrees and dark skies. The cold has arrived in time for this, as long as the cold snap holds. Notice that those blades of grass are GREEN!! How can that be?

I do like cold weather, but am always aware that I'm loving it from the shelter of a warm home, a luxury that not everyone shares. This week I happened to be in the church office on the morning after our weather changed. A man came in to request help with shelter after spending the night outside. He had a story which isn't relevant to this post, but he wasn't the tv stereotypical image of a street person. You could have passed him on any street in any midwestern community.

A couple years ago while at a weavers conference in Holland, Mi. I was introduced to Letterboxing by my suite mate at the conference. She was an avid Letterboxer and outdoors person with directions to two different letterboxes. Being a backpacker and familiar with compass bearings, I tagged along. It was great fun, but sobering to me when our search led us to the shelter and possessions of someone who was living under a bridge.

Since then I'm always alert, watching for places where someone might be sheltering.

There are so many layers of society to which we are often oblivious.

On a lighter note:
Yesterday was Michigan Weaver's meeting with Kathy Zasuwa providing the program on creativity. It was exactly what I needed to reinforce those plans for more weaving in '08 mentioned in my previous post.

A few years (10?!) I took an Artist's Way class at the Ann Arbor Art Association. It was a worthwhile program, but not a something that I wanted to revisit. So I stopped at the library and picked up a couple of the books from Kathy's suggested list on my way home.

Bit by bit, I'm shaking things loose and getting back to my threads.

Meanwhile, here's a little artist's date for you. The inspiration to share this with you comes from Stef's latest creative project combined with just having indulged in my daily allotment of 2 dark chocolate Dove's Promises. Enjoy!

Love 2008 -

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  1. Instamatic novel/fiction - fun, just the same.

    It's not melting here either. April - looking forward to you, my sist'a


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