Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Bit Late to the Party:

I feel flattered to have received this award from two bloggers who really do make my day: Cathy and Bonnie. (I specifically linked to Bonnie's current post because of the contemplation it inspires.)

So, in the spirit of "You Make My Day" Award, I would like to link you to some additional blogs that make my day. There are a lot of them (my Bloglines account says there are 113 of them!...thank goodness most of them don't post everyday!) Several of them have already received this award at least once, so I'll try to avoid those. Here are the ones I'd like to point you to, in no particular order:

  1. Sharon at In Stitches because she makes great fulled bags, reads good books, and brings a sense of love and humor to her blog.
  2. Lee at When She Was Knitting because she writes interesting, reflective posts that makes me wonder about when she's not knitting. And like Sharon, she is a librarian. There's some affinity for fiber loving librarians going on here.
  3. Wanda at Fiberjoy has a very entertaining current post and this link will take you right to it!. She is also the home of Jenkins Woodworking for lovely fiber tools.
  4. Jackie at One Thread Two Thread is always up to a new adventure. She inspires fiber students and her readers, sells her fiber work at local venues, all while raising a creative family.
  5. Cassie at Too Much Wool was the first to send me to Iceland websites. She could currently use some condolences over a postal SNAFU.
  6. Ellen at Sheepwreck is anything but (a wreck of any sort). There's always some learning or inspiration to be gained there.
  7. Take a look over at Little Berry Knits for inspiration in spinning and knitting lace.
  8. Miss Alice Faye is currently the "Princess" of knitting.
  9. Stef at Distracted Muse is multitalented. And who among us fiber people cannot be described as distracted? Some of us may even be a bit distracting! (as in sitting here reading your blogs all day...or perhaps wearing just a bit too many handknit items at one time in these winter temps.)
  10. And finally there's Jared at brooklyntweed. If you haven't been to his site, you should. I'm sure others have tagged him with this award but I haven't seen it. His knitting and photography are truly inspirational.
That's where I have to stop, with the hopes that the recipients can feel appreciated and not burdened by the award. Thanks for showing up on a regular basis to share your work and your thoughts.

January is usually such a grim, grey, nothing month. Not so for me this year. It's been a very contemplative, fruitful, and inspiring month. Perhaps I'll have time to tell you about that tomorrow, or the next day. Provided I don't see my shadow and duck back to my underground lair. (If you don't understand that reference, click here)


  1. aw, thank you! you just made my day. :)

  2. Gosh, I forgot tomorrow is ground hog day. We have rain forecast. Oh well. Anyway, great list of links!

  3. I am discovering so many new and terrific blogs because of this party! Thanks for taking the time to post your always makes my day when there is a new post here at fiberewetopia!

  4. This is fun - thanks. Cyndy's right - it's a party and I'm seeing the same repeated which tells me that we have developed a virtual community - without Facebook!

  5. Hi Valerie - I'm tagging back. Don't know what that means to the rules but you are one of the first blogs I read and I do so enjoy it.

  6. Terrific new blogs to read! Best part of this go-round is how many did not tag the "big blogs" we all know about but the small ones we all want to know about!!

  7. Thank you for the nomination! You always make my day!

  8. What a wonderful honor to start my Monday. Thank you!

  9. Thank you Valerie! I'm touched, and humbled, by your kindness.

    And OH! I'd resolved to taper back on blog reading only to see some fascinating links on your list.

    The book titles listed in your sidebar are also very enticing. Why do I have to spend precious time working?


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