Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Threads of thought....

Thinking about Play and the serious topic of my last post along with all the frog eating noted in earlier posts.

If you read Krista's Journal she makes the observation: "At one end of the play spectrum in animals, there are labrador retrievers; at the other, there are wolves. Human beings act like labs in childhood and wolves in adulthood. But all we are learning about the human brain and body suggest that we are in fact hard-wired to learn and grow, by way of play and pleasure, across our life span."

Hmmm....that statement has a sense of optimism to it for all of us. And yet it makes my last post about human trafficking feel even more grim.

I could write more, but it would me mostly "navel gazing" sort of stuff. Fiber is often my play. Reading definitely feeds my fantasy.

There has been more fantasy than fiber in my life lately. I highly recommend my recent reads: The Book of Lost Things and Moral Disorder (see My Library Thing at right) .

There's a certain irony that Margaret Atwood finds her way into this post. Human trafficking was a sub-plot in her book Oryx & Crake and I've heard her say in interview: "In the end, all stories are about wolves."

There are a few unfinished knitting projects that have been lingering. I don't love them and don't know what I was thinking when I started them. They will be raveled and returned to the state of a "center pull ball". I must stop chasing after the "tennis balls" that the knitting blogosphere tosses and start knitting only the things that I truly love. (There must be more labrador retriever in me than I thought!)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Perhaps you don't know......

about human trafficking. It's everywhere, not just on some distant shore. And the reason it's possible for the problem to be so pervasive is because it's a topic that is outside of our comfort zone. I wrote a couple entries about this sometime ago and can't find them now, so it must have been at my previous blog site.

So instead of apologizing for no fiber related blog entries (which it seems I do in about 20% of my entries) this post is about something I've been working with my church to find a way to respond.

September 28-30, the Salvation Army is sponsoring the Second Annual International Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for the Victims of Human Trafficking .

There's a wealth of information out there, the problem is we have to care enough to become informed and use that information to act. Here are some background information and initiatives to get you started. And then take a moment to watch the videos. They're each about 4 minutes long, but I couldn't choose between them for the quality of the message.

Now you know. Begin......

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well....I just did a long post with links and everything. Then the blogger server vanished from my ISP's radar.

The green font means I'm still eating frogs. Though I sometimes switch to the metaphor of eating elephants, which is done one bite at a time.

Gotta go, there are a few bites waiting for me.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Eating Frogs:

I haven't dropped of the planet. Life has just been very busy and low in fiber content. Let's just say I've been busy Eating Frogs.

A quick summary: The key concept of the book is that we procrastinate because we put off doing things that have to be done, but are not appealing. Hence, if you have to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning and it's the worst thing you will do all day. If you have two frogs to eat, eat the ugliest one first.

There's a smorgasbord of frogs at our house right now:
  • Ripping out and repairing 3 sliding glass patio doors. (lots of fun to have plastic sheeting between oneself and outdoors in 90+ degree temps w/ severe T'storms.) ribbit
  • Getting ds to jump through hoops as he wraps up an internship and returns to school. ribbit
  • Ripping out carpet and having wood floors installed in the family room. ribbit
  • Cleaning up all of the dust and mess (inside and out) that all of the ripping out stuff generates ribbit
  • Organizing a farewell reception for one of our pastors who is moving to Colorado. ribbit
  • Working with church leadership and remaining pastor to maintain stability and form guiding coalition to determine best pastoral model before putting out a call for a new pastor. ribbit
  • Attending weddings and funerals. ribbit
  • Preparing for a nice treat for dh and myself. ribbit ribbit!!
It may be mid-Sept. before fiber-y postings resume. Meanwhile, back to the frogs......

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Yesterday (or was it the day before?) after reading Franklin's blog post, I started to wonder....did I sign up for Ravelry? I think I did...wonder where I am in line?

So I went to check...turns out they sent me an email a week or so before which was blocked by the spam filter. So I made them a "safe contact"...and lo and behold, I'm now on Ravelry.

This is not a good thing for someone who is currently accomplishing so little....I feel like I have fiber A.D.D. Otherwise known as FADD....
As in:
  • How many knitters does it take to change a light bulb?
  • I dunno, how many?
  • Wanna go buy yarn?
So here I sit.....clicking back and forth between this blog entry and my Ravelry profile page, where in the upper right corner it says:
  • Projects: 0
  • Queued: 0
  • Books: 0
  • Stashed: 0
  • Faves: 0
  • Friends: 0
Ouch...that last one stings a bit and tosses me right back to 7th grade outcast status.

I think it's going to take me awhile to get adjusted and integrated. Right after I get through the new Interweave Knits that arrived in today's mail.

How many knitters does it take to change a light bulb?

And do they get it done any faster if they also spin and weave (and otherwise have a life)?