Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Not so Oblique and a book....

After knitting 4" in pattern on the back of Oblique I did not like the fabric made by this combination of yarn and pattern. So into the frog pond we went.

I've had this Blue Faced Leicester yarn by Berroco in my stash for awhile. They don't make it anymore and it is truly a delicious yarn deserving of the perfect pattern.

Problem is, I have a lot of delicious yarns waiting for the perfect pattern. Some of those yarns have been with me quite awhile. I had a dream the other night that my yarn stash turned into the knitters version of a petrified forest. Beautiful yarns destined to remain yarns, never realizing their potential to become a garment or other useful item.

However, the Cozy Vest continues apace, urged on by the cold, snowy weather that seems to be here to stay.

Good news came from Library Thing this week. A few weeks ago, I followed the links to the Early Reviewer section of LT and signed up to be an early reviewer. They emailed me this week to tell me that a free copy of Mary Doria Russell's new book Dreamers of the Day. I'm excited by this because I've enjoyed this author's previous books and the topic interests me.

In other book news, tomorrow I have a 25% off coupon at Borders. I intend to get myself over there and purchase a copy of Opium Season: A Year on the Afghan Frontier.

And with all this lust for acquisition going on, one might wonder how my Christmas shopping is going. It's going very well, thank you. But you must recall that early December is also "Frummie Toomie" season here in Fiberewetopia. (Frummie Toomie was established at my previous blog home and can best be described as: one for them and one for me. The one for me is "from: me" "to: me".)



  1. Ah, book coupons! I just used one to order "A Slave No More", since it's not available yet in any of the local libraries.

  2. Oh dear, I forgot that we are still reading fiction, in spite of the Christmas stuff going on. So, I'm in the middle of Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros. If this book slipped past you, I kinda like the recurring theme of the silk shawl. But I'm not done yet.

  3. Speaking of books, a long while back when the book meme was going around you said to drop a comment if anyone did it. Well, Sharon tagged me an eon ago, and I'm finally up to speed.


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