Saturday, December 29, 2007

I survived Christmas of '07

No wasn't very pretty. But the chest cold, creeping crud took over as we made an 800 mile round trip through Pa. and the homes of various family members. We arrived home in time for Christmas Eve, where I slept on the couch while dh and ds assembled and decorated the tree. I continued to sleep while they went to Christmas Eve candlelight service. Woke up for Christmas morning and presents, then back to sleep.

If you thought you should have gotten a Christmas card from me and didn't....well, better luck next year. Some things just didn't happen this year.

Right now I have considerably more energy but little endurance. And there's still the cough, less often but still annoying.

So here we are contemplating the end of another year. As always, for me it is a double dose of such contemplation since my birthday is 12/31.

Once again I am sorting through papers, weeding things out, tossing, shredding and putting together piles of things to donate to charity. It seems that I blog more about weeding out closets, drawers, and whole rooms more than I do about fiber. Where does all this stuff come from??!! (I am not a shopper...I do not shop online, I have not set foot in a mall for anything more than lunch or to pick up my glasses in at least a year!)

Knitting continues on the "cozy vest" that I've logged in Ravelry. Somehow, I have not experienced the enthusiasm for Ravelry that some others have. It's a cool way to keep track of projects and stuff (see "stuff" above), but so far I've taken the minimalist approach to the use of Ravelry (where I am vmusselm if you want to stop in).

The "cozy vest" is plain brown knitting, in a sort of brioche stitch rib. Very slow going and not much sensory stimulation in looking at plain dark brown fabric. There are also some socks and charity knitting on the needles which I have not yet documented.

So, perhaps 2008 is going to be about "stuff"......culling, using, and organizing that which is worthy of remaining. And maybe a moratorium on acquiring, at least for awhile....if I can figure out where the acquiring happens.


  1. What a horrible time of year to be sick. Especially with traveling. So glad you are feeling better.

    I was interested in your take on Ravelry too. I just don't know how some folks find the time.

    And Happy Birthday! I hope it is a very happy one; filled with family, friends, fun, and (of course) fiber!

  2. New stuff does tend to creep in on little cat feet. Quietly. Good luck cleaning and organizing everything.

    And I hope that your birthday is wonderful.

  3. Happy Birthday today!!

    I don't have time for Ravelry. I check in now and again. I thought it was coz I don't buy yarn for other people's patterns and designs.

    Spent the weekend decluttering and piling excess good stuff for Habitat for Humanity. Glad to know I wasn't the only one wondering where this excess stuff comes from.

  4. I was sick - missed 7 days of work and got behind big time on Christmas - but at least I wasn't traveling. That just plain sucks. I hope that 2008 treats you like a princess.


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