Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Traditions....

For a lot of years I've tried very hard not to have holiday "traditions". When I was growing up, traditions always seemed stifling and obligatory. The tradition became the holiday and then you are stuck. If something happened that derailed the tradition, then everyone mourned the tradition, which got in the way of simply celebrating the holiday in another way. It turns out all of my efforts failed. In this house it appears we do indeed have Thanksgiving traditions.

At noon on Thanksgiving Day, it would not be Thanksgiving if we didn't invite Arlo Guthrie in to sing Alice's restaurant. Something like this. Our 21 year old son loves this tradition, knows all the words, and we all wait expectantly for the line of "this is a difficult case of American blind justice!"

Another tradition is sharing Thanksgiving dinner with some dear friends, Mary, Len, and the kids. This year was particularly special because it's the first time their son was able to join us since 2001. His intervening years have been spent in the military, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

The food was wonderful and it was great to have the 'kids' (young twenties) at the table laughing and reminiscing. Lots of laughter and lots of love.

Thanks for having us Mary everything was great!

Happy Thanksgiving to the U.S. readers and anyone else who happens by.
Now, off to knit on Christmas presents, which would be...... another Thanksgiving tradition.


  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds like our's - celebrate the good and be thankful. I looked up What is the What in Amazon - five stars from 97 raters. I don't think I've ever seen anything with a higher rating. I listen to Diane Riehm by podcast but since it's a daily show, I missed downloading that interview. I'm glad you suggested it - thanks. I'm adding it to my list - my very very long list, sheesh.

  2. Your preception of traditions when you were a kid is intresting. Remembering traditions in an otherwise rather bleak childhood is one of my highlights. DH grew up with no traditions, and has lacked a sense of celebration about the holidays. When my kids were growing up I tryed hard to cultivate certain traditions, though now that they are both away at college, I wonder if they even think of these things.


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