Sunday, November 11, 2007

tagged again.....

On Halloween I was tagged by Stef for the "seven tidbits of information about me that I haven’t divulged previously in this blog."'s been busy the past week or so, and I've kept a blog for a long time. Perhaps I've divulged everything that's worth putting in print? Then again, the old blog no longer exists, so perhaps some things might be repeated. Only long time readers with good memories will know.

1. On the very first day that I went to school, the teacher had "Indian head dresses" made of construction paper for us to wear with our names printed right over the forehead (this was 1957, before political correctness). When the teacher left the room for a few moments, I took the cue from the head dress and started to march around the room doing that whoo-whoo thing, tapping the hand over the mouth. Pretty soon everyone was lined up behind me as we went in circles around the room doing our friendly war dance. When Miss Johnson came back into the room, Tommy Brantlinger ratted me out as the instigator. She was very nice about it, but my seat got moved up to the front shortly thereafter.

2. Sometimes it feels like I've been leading "the Indians" or more appropriately, herding cats, ever since. And sometimes I wonder if it's just that I'm not a very good follower which causes me to often end up as the reluctant leader. The only cure has been to quit work, and quit joining any sort of organization.

3. On occasion I have dreams that are auditory only. There is no visual part to them and they are usually pretty disturbing. When I've told anyone about this, I've never gotten the response "me too"!! Surely someone else out there has "sound" dreams?

4. My very first job out of highschool was teacher's aide in a summer Headstart program. One of the first things I learned on the job was: Do not let every kid in the room take a puzzle out of the rack. The teacher I worked for didn't teach me that. It was an experiential thing.

5. My next job between my freshman and sophomore year of college was at Idlewild Park in the food service division. It was years before I could get past the smell of a hotdog let alone eat one. There was no "Soak Zone" back least not officially.

6. After that, my college money came from being a clerk at the A&P and a member of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters Union. The worst thing about that is I still remember 1972-3 prices for staple goods when I send my groceries through the check out. However, it did pay well for a college student at that time.

7. Lately I've noticed that the skin on my face is beginning to fit like an old, cheap pair of pantyhose. Everything seems fine when I'm putting on my minimal makeup in the morning. Later in the day, I'll catch a glimpse of a reflection in a window, rear view mirror, etc....and sure enough that "pantyhose skin" is bagging around my jaw, neck, or eyelid....sometimes all three!!

Well...that's my 7....I'll not pass along the tag. But if you want to pick up the thread, join in! Just let us know so we can visit and read your deep dark secrets.

Coming up tomorrow: Finished things!! The family room is back together and there's a completed handknit item which I wore today.

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  1. I love your #1.

    I wish I could say "me too" to your #3...but sorry, no....I've had the opposite, visual with no sound...

    ...and your #7 has me laughing! Pantyhose skin! Ah yes....


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