Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Diagonal Knit Vest:

Diagonal knit vest
Originally uploaded by vmusselm.
At last a finished project!

This was a simple knit that spent too much time waiting in the knitting bag. I wore it yesterday over a black mock turtleneck and black knit slacks. Many compliments ensued. I am happy with this project.

The yarn is Plymouth Yarn's Suri Merino. All of the details are posted on Ravelry where my name is "vmusselm".

I took some time yesterday to catch some photo's of the remaining autumn color. It is totally amazing to still have this color on November 12 in Michigan.

Enjoy them now....they surely won't be here much longer! Snow and sleet are forecast for Thursday.


  1. Those red maples are incredible!

  2. Good job on the vest! Very attractive. Your trees are lovely too. I would have thought that your fall color would have been gone by now. We're at a peak here.

  3. The vest is beautiful! The pattern reminds me of a woven block twill. I'm sure the merino yarn is soft & warm. I do love merino.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I have a hard time driving this time of year: hard to pay attention with all that color..

  5. Your trees are spectacular. Our's have pretty much lost their leaves. We have no snow here either and I hope it stays that way for one more week so we can cut our Christmas trees without it, though snow does add to the experience. Great vest. The cut is wonderful, form fitting and ladylike, unlike the dumpy ones I've knitted.

  6. Hi Valerie,
    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comments it means a lot to me. Nice autumn colors, and a beautiful vest I can imagine it with a black turtle neck.


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