Monday, October 29, 2007

So, What do Beth of Three Sheeps to the Wind and Robert Fulghum
have in common?

Well...together they have inspired me to share something on the blog that I wasn't going to share.

As one gets on in life, it gets harder and harder to try something new. First of all...if you've lived awhile, you've tried a lot of things and have pretty much figured out your preferences.

Then, if you've become reasonably proficient in some things, there's a risk in trying things in which you have no proficiency at all. So, why subject yourself to that risk? But Robert Fulghum's essay about "dancing all the dances as long as you can" was a good reminder to me. (Please click on the link and listen to it, not just read it.) So I hope this will be an inspiration to you.

Well...last Wednesday AM, I plunged in and took the risk. At the gym they've begun offering a new class right after my PiYo class. So I was rolling up my mat after PiYo, getting ready to head to the park for a walk when an acquaintance from PiYo said, "Come on, stay with me for the Cuban Dance class. It'll be fun and you'll get your cardio workout done."

So I did...and I'm proud to say I could even get out of bed the next morning. If you're wondering how it went...this video has about the right level of activity. We didn't get down to our knees, and we didn't wear the Cuban garb (particularly the high heels), but we went at it for 50 minutes. The "real thing" was not as pretty as this, but it was every bit as much fun. I'll be taking my "dancing shoes" to PiYo again next week:

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Now, what about you? Get out there and try something new!


  1. Congratulations! The dance class sounds like a lot of fun. By any chance, is this offered at the Like Water studio? I've gotten myself on the mailing list, but haven't mustered the courage to take a class yet...

  2. Boy----You really did enjoy that class. How funny is that video!
    You made me smile again...

  3. The video was hilarious and Robert Fulghum's essay was absolutely excellent. Thanks for both. Also, good for you for the dancing lessons!

  4. Looking pretty good Valerie! I may have to sign up for cuban dancing lessons!


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