Friday, October 12, 2007

Making Progress...

Things have gone more smoothly this past week and I've made some progress without sliding backward. Progress highlights:
  • Paint color has been chosen and the fireplace wall of the family room is painted.
  • With one wall painted, I was able to make a color selection on the window treatments. They have been ordered with promised arrival next week.
  • A new print has been ordered for over the fireplace. I've been kicking myself for leaving an enchanting print in the gallery when we were at the NC shore last summer (2006). So I searched online and was able to find the print and have it shipped to me. It too should be here early next week. It's here in the Aug. 11 post if you'd like to take a look.
  • And at last some fiber progress!! I finished a prayer shawl to turn in to the prayer shawl ministry. I've hemmed two pairs of slacks, sewn a loose button onto a fall suit jacket, stitched shoulder pads into another suit jacket, and shortened the sleeves on yet another jacket.
This weekend I'll be painting. In fact I may be painting into the next week or two since the halls and stairways are on the "to paint" list.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about why October is one of my favorite months:
  • There's the obvious autumn color that's part of our geography.
  • The Supreme Court goes into session early in October, which always makes listening to the news more interesting. (Not necessarily good news with this largely conservative court, but I do love to hear Nina Totenberg's reports.
  • The Nobel Prize announcements begin in October and often continue through to early December. I love the stories associated with the prizes. The history of the Nobel prizes is also something worth noting. If you're not familiar with it, go read War and Peace in the Thinking of Alfred Nobel.
  • October also means fresh apple cider, trips to the cider mill and a cinnamon donut or two slipped into the month.
  • And it means that the flowers which have been dying from my neglect for the past 3 months will now finally die of natural causes. My guilt will be assuaged!
  • The month wraps up with Halloween, which is the dh's birthday. Even tho' I'm annoyed with him today, he is still one of my favorite people.
All in all, October is a pretty good month. There should be more months like this.


  1. Don't forget the IgNobel awards! Those are my favorites.

  2. October is my most favorite month of the year, for all the reasons you listed, plus it's my birth month, we we already discussed. My least favorite month is February because it is so dark and cold - it's like January redux. When the days are short and you're house bound, think how lovely your "new" house will be.


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