Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return"....

That phrase has begun to take on a whole new meaning around here. We returned from vacation at 5 am Monday. At 9 am, the flooring contracter arrived to begin installing hardwood floors in our family room.

I just finished cleaning the wood flooring in the kitchen and hallway, so they can freshen that up a bit when they put the finish on the new stuff.

There is dust everywhere!

As a matter of fact, dh is in his ninth month of retirement and there has been dust everywhere since the day he retired: Painting and sanding in the laundry room, repairing the ceiling in the family room, pulling out 3 patio doors and installing new sills...the list goes on.

I was going to pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards and clean them out...but not until the floors are finished. Oh...and the drapes I've taken down to have cleaned? They're not going up until the dust is settled, unless I decide to replace them.

Yet, when the floors are finished, the family room needs to be painted before we move the furniture back into it.

This is unusual for us. We're pretty good and picking one project and seeing it through to the finish. But this time around it seems like one thing leads to another. The end is not yet in sight.


  1. I love hardwood floors. We have ruined ours - I don't care - who am I trying to impress. I love not trying to clean impossible messes from carpet. We're in the 40th parallel and get stern winds, so we joke that housekeeping is letting the winds blow the dust bunnies to the other side of the house where we can sweep them up.

  2. Oh do I ever hear you. M has more time off with his new schedule. Everything is started. Nothing finished. I am putting my foot down - it has to be finished by Nov 1st!

    (Oh, am I a dreamer or what?)

    Good luck to you.


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