Saturday, September 01, 2007

More random thinking.....


is a prime example of why I can't bring myself to keep a personal journal. Click on the link to read the article. I read it...can't say I learned anything in particular about faith by doing so. Unless one counts on the misplaced trust in the human ability to keep confidences. I find it despicable that her confessors did not honor her wishes to destroy her correspondence...let alone make them public.

I'm the youngest in a family of 5. One of the lessons learned very early in life is that if you write it down, be prepared to be held accountable for it somewhere down the road. I speak not only as the victim, but also the perpetrator.

The antidote to the dear diary aversion: a journal posted for the whole wide world to read. Brilliant!

Consider yourself warned on those tidy little books you might keep under your mattress. However, if anyone dares to broadcast your deepest, most private thoughts, it won't be me. It has something to do with that "do unto others..." rule.

Now for some fiber updates:

Bought a new book this week: Modular Knits by Iris Schreier. Mary posted a scarf from this book. We are long time I went to the library and checked out the book. There are some interesting techniques for some scarves and a vest in there and I had an Amazon gift certificate that was about to expire. Now I have no gift certificate, but a brand new book!

Mystery stole 3: I've decided that that asymmetry is not for me....nor is the suggested technique for a symmetrical shawl. So, I'm thinking of starting the other half from the beginning and joining the two ends in the middle with a completely different beaded stitch. However, it's going to be a couple weeks until I get around to that.

Meanwhile...have a great Labor Day weekend if you're in the US and Canada!


  1. wendy e6:45 AM

    Yes and no on the confidence-keeping: She wanted the letters destroyed, but would have been the first to say "let thy will, not mine be done".

    Thanks for the link. I would never have considered reading this book, but it looks like something I really need right now.

  2. What is really sad about the article is to learn who was doing the revealing.

    I have Modular Knits too and love some of the scarves and that vest. If you haven't checked the errata page already, get a copy here. There are a lot of mistakes in that book. In fact, there are some mistakes in the errata!

  3. The purpose of a journal is to sound our ideas to ourselves. It's not a final declaration. My daughter will unload feelings on that she's wrestling with about once a year. It leaves me reeling and her feeling much better. I've learned that she's only using me as a sounding board. Isn't that why we journal????? I was disappointed by the article, as you were.

  4. I agree with Sharon. Duality in human emotion is so common that it's laughable to think of pointing to Mother Teresa's private letters as proof of her hypocrisy. I have made private confidences to people, or to paper, and had listeners/readers throw my words back to me years later, long after I'd forgotten them. "I thought you said X/Y/Z?!" Well, I did, but that's only a small part of how I really feel at any given moment. That doesn't mean I'm ready to leave my husband/commit suicide/have another baby/never knit again!!

    Something good may come of it - the knowledge that she had 'feet of clay', if one could put it that way, might dispel the fog of mystery and admiration enough to make people feel that they could do what she did...that it's not an impossible standard.



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