Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still Mucking in the Dust...

I've tentatively picked the paint color for the family room and will get a small sample can from Home Depot today. You see, I've recently made the mistake of not doing that. DH is painting the outside of the house.

The paint was on sale before we went on vacation and was not the brand that we have used in the past, so he couldn't just pick up the same color it's been for 15 years (which I happen to like).

Time was short with packing and all, so he stuck some paint chips under my nose and said pick one. I took them outside and compared to the existing and picked one. We came home from vacation and started painting. I went out on the patio with my cup of tea last Sat. AM and stared real hard, trying to find something I liked about the new paint color.
It looked white. Our house is decidedly not a candidate for white.

So I said, "How much more of that paint to you have?" His reply, "6 gallons". I was thinking, "ouch!!", but I said, "Do you think we could take it back to Home Depot and see if they'll add some pigment?"

We spent most of last Saturday morning in Home Depot adding pigment to the paint. They'd put in a few drops, shake the can in their shaker machine, put a daub on a paint stick, dry it with a hot air gun, and I would run outside to look at the color in the sunlight. They had to quit when they ran out of room in the can, and got it down to a nice medium grey with slight blue tones in it.

It'll do. DH was pretty gracious about having to repaint the gallon's worth that he had already painted, but I am not going through this with the interior painting. I want the color that is seen in my mind's eye and will not settle this time!
But I really wanted to post about this:

Apparently I did the impossible. I washed the Silhouette blind in our bedroom. This blind is several years old and the dust in it was really getting to me. They are not cheap and the manufacturer says they can only be cleaned ultrasonically. I looked online and in the phone book for US blind was going to be very expensive to clean this one blind. Let's just say, the same money would have purchased a whole lot of Eucalon Wool Wash.
So I googled "washing silhouettes" and the only thing that came up was some weenies saying they were going to try it, but they never posted the results (or perhaps Hunter Douglas blocked it?)

Anyway, the thing is no longer under warranty and the dust was really getting to me. So I filled the bathtub with tepid water and Wool Wash then carefully dunked the blinds in the water, bending them so they were totally immersed but not creased anywhere. Oiy! the dirt in the water!!!

It took three tubs full to get a clean rinse water, with no agitation beyond gently swishing them around with my hands.
After the last rinse, I held them up, allowing the water to drain from them (good thing I've been going to the gym!). Then I draped them over a tension shower curtain rod suspended over the middle of the tub to allow them to drain more. The trick is not to allow the slats that rotate to get creased or wrinkled. I put a big fan in the bathroom to speed drying and changed the position of the blinds several times. They were ready to hang before bedtime.

NOTE: these blinds are a very light color, so there was not color to run. If you're considering doing this with color Silhouettes, check and make sure the color won't run onto the vertical slats. Also, remember that the manufacturer does not recommend washing. In my case it was either wash or replace. (If it had been replace, Bali and some other manufacturers now have options that are easier to clean.)

Oh...did you want to see the floors?
And no fiberwork to show.....too much other work right now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return"....

That phrase has begun to take on a whole new meaning around here. We returned from vacation at 5 am Monday. At 9 am, the flooring contracter arrived to begin installing hardwood floors in our family room.

I just finished cleaning the wood flooring in the kitchen and hallway, so they can freshen that up a bit when they put the finish on the new stuff.

There is dust everywhere!

As a matter of fact, dh is in his ninth month of retirement and there has been dust everywhere since the day he retired: Painting and sanding in the laundry room, repairing the ceiling in the family room, pulling out 3 patio doors and installing new sills...the list goes on.

I was going to pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards and clean them out...but not until the floors are finished. Oh...and the drapes I've taken down to have cleaned? They're not going up until the dust is settled, unless I decide to replace them.

Yet, when the floors are finished, the family room needs to be painted before we move the furniture back into it.

This is unusual for us. We're pretty good and picking one project and seeing it through to the finish. But this time around it seems like one thing leads to another. The end is not yet in sight.

Monday, September 17, 2007

There's an explanation for the lack of blog posts:

I've been traveling. For a quick summary of my trip take a look HERE. More later as I get settled.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

More random thinking.....


is a prime example of why I can't bring myself to keep a personal journal. Click on the link to read the article. I read it...can't say I learned anything in particular about faith by doing so. Unless one counts on the misplaced trust in the human ability to keep confidences. I find it despicable that her confessors did not honor her wishes to destroy her correspondence...let alone make them public.

I'm the youngest in a family of 5. One of the lessons learned very early in life is that if you write it down, be prepared to be held accountable for it somewhere down the road. I speak not only as the victim, but also the perpetrator.

The antidote to the dear diary aversion: a journal posted for the whole wide world to read. Brilliant!

Consider yourself warned on those tidy little books you might keep under your mattress. However, if anyone dares to broadcast your deepest, most private thoughts, it won't be me. It has something to do with that "do unto others..." rule.

Now for some fiber updates:

Bought a new book this week: Modular Knits by Iris Schreier. Mary posted a scarf from this book. We are long time I went to the library and checked out the book. There are some interesting techniques for some scarves and a vest in there and I had an Amazon gift certificate that was about to expire. Now I have no gift certificate, but a brand new book!

Mystery stole 3: I've decided that that asymmetry is not for me....nor is the suggested technique for a symmetrical shawl. So, I'm thinking of starting the other half from the beginning and joining the two ends in the middle with a completely different beaded stitch. However, it's going to be a couple weeks until I get around to that.

Meanwhile...have a great Labor Day weekend if you're in the US and Canada!