Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Late To The Party:

Above please note ~400 yds./1.9 oz. of handspun merino tencel yarn with coordinating beads for Mystery Stole 3.

I became intrigued with the idea first at Sue's then at Judy's blogs. However, I loathed the idea of going out and purchasing yet more lace weight yarn for another project.

Since I had been sampling with this, it seemed like the ideal project to use up this fiber from the stash to spin and knit "into the mystery".

I'll start knitting with this 400 yards and will spin and knit as I go.

This is weird for me...I not a KAL person, nor am I one of the "in crowd" of the blogging world. In fact I almost gave it up when the popularity soared after this post appeared.

The term "mystery stole" amuses me. My mind wants to twist it to stolen mystery....sounds very gothic, doesn't it?

I switched my subscription at the Yahoo group to "special messages" only when the mail box filled with digest messages in minutes. I don't have any intention of reading the all mail on that list...and I don't intend to post. Spinning, knitting, and weaving time are too precious to spend so much time kibbutzing online.

And speaking of kibbutzing online...time for me to go knit!


  1. Beautiful yarn!! I can't wait to see it knitted! And yes, I very nearly gave up in disgust when 2500 people joined in the 24 hours after "that post" came out......

  2. Boy am I happy to have missed "that" post. I've sampled and weeded blogs until I'm at my current dozen. I felt the need for core connectivity and that came on many levels - always a fiber love first. Your blog also speaks to my spiritual nature. But you are one heck of a spinner!

  3. ooooooo....beads. Plus lace? What could be bad?


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