Sunday, July 15, 2007

It all comes back to me now....

as I spin and knit w/ the handspun merino tencel (see previous post), the handle of this yarn keeps reminding me of something. I finally figured out what.... Woolray yarn, which used to be distributed by Plymouth Yarns.

I wove a baby blanket with this yarn ~24 years ago so I pulled my records and took a close look at the yarn sample. It's a cabled yarn made up of 2 two plied yarns, 4 yarns total. The 2 ply yarn going into the cable ply is one strand of fine wool and a fine boucle' rayon thread plied S. Then the two yarns are plied together Z twist. The boucle' appearance of the rayon thread is lost in the yarn construction except for the uneven optical effect of it's shine.

The yarn has the same "crunchy" feel as my handspun.

Berroco made a heavier version of this yarn a few years ago that you can see here.

Now I'm curious about other's experience kniiting with handspun merino/tencel blends.


  1. I have only woven with my own yarn. I need to try some mill-spun but don't know what to look for.

  2. This is a longshot, but since you remember the Plymouth Woolray yarn, you wouldn't per chance remember the yardage on a 2oz skein? I'm knitting a fair isle vest from a pattern book in the 80s and they suggest that yarn. I'm trying to convert it to Dale of Norway, but have no idea about the yardage! Thanks bunches in advance.

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    LOVE woolray yarn. went into my yarn stash and WOOLRAY 2 OZ skein has 300 yds. hope that helps


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