Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Farewell July....

Summer has been a blur.....and I still have no finished objects to show you. Nor do I have works in progress that I care to show.

However, there has been progress of sorts.

Vision: I abandoned the Vision Quest with the aggressive optometry practice after neither my ophthalmologist nor the optometrist in my yoga class had ever heard of it. Instead I opted for new glasses with feather weight progressive lenses. It seems the featherweight lenses give a much wider "sweet spot" for reading (and distance) portions of the lens. I know this because the prescription sunglasses ordered at the same time did not have the featherweight lenses. I couldn't see well enough to drive home with them and returned them immediately.

So far, I am very happy with my new everyday glasses and am waiting for the replacement sunglasses to arrive.

Fiber: Spinning and knitting continue on Mystery Stole 3. Dishtowel warp is languishing, waiting for me to return from my wanton fiber ways. There's new warp on the tapestry loom. And the Diagonal Vest continues. The back is finished and the left front is about half complete.

Last Wednesday, Nan and I went here. The exhibit was interesting. I liked looking at the older textiles from other cultures more than I liked some of the current fiber art. Maybe it was the shelf and wall of nothing but white, folded napkins stacked in huge linear piles (can you say OCD?). Or perhaps the wall full of nothing but gray felt with a few cones protruding from it. But there is a whole class of fiber art out there that just leaves me cold. If it's not inviting to look at, not well executed, and it's not functional...then I'm just not interested. You can call it fiber art until the second Tuesday of next week, but to me it's just nothing.

There were some interesting commercial fabrics designed by some of the Cranbrook grads as well as a few interesting current pieces. But chairs with stuffing spilling out of them....meh.

Speaking of fiber art: Nan brought along the most exquisite necklace and bracelet that began with semi-precious stones in a robin's egg blue, some really neat bead embroidery, and wonderful design. They are completely lovely. She does such nice work and I covet most anything she shows me....sigh.

Perhaps August will be a more productive month for me. But I know the schedule and somehow doubt it.

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  1. I checked out opthonics website and discovered the optometrist I last went to and whose office is in walking distance from here is an opthonics "dealer". I am long overdue for new lenses. I will check it out and let you know.


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