Saturday, June 16, 2007

Learning Tapestry Weaving:

Here is my first tapestry attempt using Kirsten Glasbrook's book.

It will have to come off the loom this week since the MLH workshops are next week. The weaving is kind of small, but I did learn a few things. This whole tapestry thing is a new venture for me. I'm not big on making "pictures" with weaving, but I am fascinated with line, color, and shading. So we'll see where this road takes me.

Meanwhile summer continues apace. The Love in a Mist is just about done blooming.

The original seeds came from my mother-in-law, then Margaret Atwood heightened my interest in the plant in Alias Grace, a book well worth reading.

Other summer news: A lovely lady Barn Swallow has set up her nursery in our carpark. The muddy nest is sitting right on top of a spot light hooked up to a motion detector. We've been trying our best not to disturb her because the spotlight comes on when we come and go after dark. I can't say what's in the nest right now. Along with her beauty and lovely song, she can catch mosquitoes in mid-air, so we would very much like to become her permanent summer residence.


  1. I'm struggling with the tapestry thing too, but it makes more sense since I have the front facing me now. Having the back face me wasn't working. I just ordered that book from Amazon about an hour ago - I'm using the library copy. I hope your class is successful!

  2. You look like a natural for tapestry weaving (among other things!) I took one class in it only to discover that I really didn't like it all that well. Too slow.


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