Saturday, June 23, 2007

How (not) to pack for a fiber workshop:

Tomorrow afternoon I pack up the car and head over to Hope College in Holland, Mi. for the aforementioned tapestry weaving workshop. So today finds me busily packing and making preparations:

First there must be knitting to take along:

The pattern is the "Diagonal-Knit Vest" from Knitted Sweaters for Every Season by Nancie Wiseman. The yarn is Suri Merino from Plymouth Yarns. The pattern is very simple knitting to take along while traveling. Since I had to go gas up the car this morning in preparation for the trip, there was also a stop at Joann's to see if they had square silver buttons for the vest, just in case I finished it over the next 3 days. (Note: you are looking at the back of the vest. More accurately: half of the back of the vest.) In order to need those buttons, the rest of the back and both of the fronts must be completed. But clearly I needed to stop at Joann's.

They didn't have the buttons that I have in my head, but they did have the latest addition of Quilting Arts with a cover article titled "Textile Sketchbooks Made Easy"

I don't consider myself to be a quilter, but the technical and design articles in this magazine are consistently top notch and relevant to other fiber pursuits. I no longer subscribe or read knitting magazines, except for one. But this magazine is a 'must have' for me.

And wonder of wonders, Lesson V in the Art Design Primer series is "Space, Motion, and Rhythm"! Clearly I must read this before heading into a tapestry workshop! (As if these aren't the very things Ann excels at and will cover in our workshop.) Still, I sit and read.

Then there are the unfinished projects that haven't been touched in weeks because of gardening and other outdoor pursuits. Yet clearly before leaving, I must sit down and spin a few yards and take the time to consider transferring yarn to a storage bobbin before leaving:

What is this sickness that compels me to think of these things as essential to "getting ready to go" to the extent that they take priority over assembling clothing, tapestry loom, tools, camera, and personal hygient items...the things that really will be essential over the next few days? And the greatest irony of all......why am I sitting here blogging when so much remains to be done?!

It's crazy I tell you! Am I the only one?

RE: Comments on "Vision Quest" - I knew there had to be more of you out there. Thanks for the encouraging comments. Jean: nope, no cataracts. I got a clean bill on the health of the eye. I did make an appointment with the optometrist, making it clear that I only wanted to discuss this iZone system. It seemed to be an unusual request by the way the receptionist dealt with me on the phone. I'm skeptical, but will keep you up to date as to my impressions of this system. Maybe Wendy's approach is the best one.

PS: I just flipped to the back page article of Quilting Arts. The title is: "The Goddess of the Last Minute". Enough with the irony already!!

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  1. Oh Valerie, I hope it's not a sickness because that's exactly how I get ready for a trip - pack knitting and extra knitting in case I run out, and reading and extra reading in case I run out, then ply off what's on the bobbins so they don't lose energy, then throw clothes in a suitcase before and after my morning shower. It's probably no wonder that I always have the "wrong" clothes. I'm anxious to hear your report on the workshop!!!


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