Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tapestry Loom etc....

Here's the tapestry loom mentioned in my previous post:

(apologies for the fuzzy focus...must have something to do with the shiny surface and limited skills of the The weaving area is 16" wide by 22" tall. Note the big connectors on the side uprights which allow for increasing the tension on the warp. The loom is the perfect height to work at when placed on the coffee table or the loom bench.

I wanted a warp separater at the top, so dh installed this spring which is positioned at 10 EPI:

Here's today's sampler weaving in progress on a 3/16 linen warp with various sport to worsted weight knitting yarns:

The instructions I'm following are in this book. This sample is only about 2.5" wide.

The following is for Leigh:
It's a 4 harness summer & winter sampler where the color stripes do not line up with the S&W blocks both in warp and weft. The fibers are 8/2 & 10/2 unmerc. cotton and the red is a cotton flake yarn. This sampler was inspired in a S&W intensive correspondence study with Mary Bentley of Vancouver through HGA about 10 years ago. I've always loved this sample because it's complex appearance for a 4 harness fabric.

And now it's time to get back to the loom.


  1. Oooh, shiny :) Very nice!

  2. Valerie, thank you so much for posting your S&W photo. It is a beautiful fabric; exactly the kind of thing that fascinates me. Very nice tapestry loom too! Lovely to look at as well as functional.

  3. Great loom - the use of a spring for the warp separator was inspired! Have fun sampling.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the book. I just logged onto our library's website and put a copy on hold for me. I'm going to spend four days at the St. Mary's Arts Center in Virginia City - THE Virginia City of Hoss Cartwright. Though we have had formal teachers in the past, this year the weaving retreat is going to be a self-study event. Each of us decides what we want to focus on and I'll be taking my Mirrix loom for tapestry study so appreciate the tip very much. Just two weeks away!

  5. I love your loom! My grandfather was a plummer. I have some of his old pipes. I plan to order the tapestry book to learn about it, then have my DH make me a loom from my Grandfather's pipes. Thank you for the gift!

  6. Do you remember what size spring you used? Would love to know.


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