Monday, April 23, 2007

The answer is 70.32

In preparation for Md. S&W, I decided to inventory the spinning stash last night. Once all of the 'stuff' was hauled out of the closet and bins, scattered across the sewing room floor, ds came to the doorway.

"Wow, that's a lot of..........animal fiber? I was going to say yarn, but there's no yarn there. Where's the yarn?"

Followed by: "So, are you going to knit cozy?"

Very funny, wise guy.

Excluding silk and plant fibers, guess how many pounds of wool/alpaca/cashmere is waiting to become yarn at my house.

I can go to Md. S&W, but I can't buy more stash. Books, maybe...stash, no.

PS: Thank you all for the encouraging comments on the 'Surprise Sweater'......I'll finish it and present it to the parents. But I'm still not big on high contrast stripes.

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  1. Good grief, just don't make any promises you can't keep! :) Baby Boy's sweater is darling, well done!


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