Saturday, April 21, 2007

This is the sweater intended for the new baby boy mentioned in an earlier post. I plan to do I-cord around the neck and the buttons aren't sewn in place.

The sweater has sat in a bag for the past two weeks. I just don't like it. Am not sure if it's too stripey or just to much contrast. But it's knitted and I don't have any other ideas for this new baby boy whose parents love team sports.

For the future, I think I'm going to draw up a couple of Baby surprise templates that counts the number of garter ridges and indicates where the stripes are located in the garment for future planning.

Never the less, EZ's Baby Surprise remains a solid baby gift design. I've knitted 5 0r 6 of them over the past few years.


  1. Do you believe I've never made one? Maybe I should change that. It's hard to tell color combinations from a monitor but it looks very sports teamish. I know it would appeal to my sports-minded sons.

  2. I love it. Oddly enough, I'm in the same quandry. I finished a garter stitch sweater that I am less than enthusiastic about. My friends like it a lot than I do and I think it's because I'm such a harsh judge of my work. Back-peddling I realized that a new parent isn't looking for my perfect work, but is glad to have one and probably only one hand-knit sweater for their baby. While I wouldn't wear your sweater myself, I think it's going to look great on that child.

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    My sports minded friends would love it for their grand babies. I think you are just too close to the project.

  4. I love it! Great combination of colors and the buttons really set it off. I think the parents will be thrilled.

  5. Janice9:49 PM

    I really think you are being too hard on yourself. They are going to LOVE that sweater---just you wait-n-see.

  6. Anonymous10:33 PM

    That baby boy will really look cute and the parents will really show him off with it on. The pattern is different and the bottons set it off. Great job.



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