Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's a new kid in town:

Not the sheep, tho' he is amazingly entertaining as a puppet with a 'baaa' chip that enables the puppeteer to produce tunes such as Old MacDonald, Frère Jacques, and London Bridges. (The novelty has worn off on my family, including the cat. But I remain relentlessly entertained by my puppet.)

The lavender baby sweater in progress is for the "new kid"...Samantha Catherine, new daughter of my nephew and his wife on March 15. Welcome little one. The sweater is one from the XRX book, Kids, Kids, Kids. Pictures of the finished item to follow.

In other news, I've mailed in my registration for Michigan League of Handweavers summer workshops to take "Tapestry: A Way of Expression" with Ann Schumacher (and more Ann Schumacher). I've taken a design workshop from Ann in the past and found her to be a wonderfully inspiring teacher. I'm psyched!

One of my goals last year was to try tapestry weaving. It didn't happen in '06, so perhaps it will begin in '07.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. I was first attracted to tapestry and even read a couple of books and watched a video. How I ended up with two floor looms and no tapestry loom is still a mystery to me. I look forward to following your tapestry adventure.


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