Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sock Monkey:

This is the only new fiber project these days and the socks in this photo are the third iteration. They started out as plain black and white socks, but then they screamed from the needles for a little something extra. It took ages to find plain red, sock weight yarn. Once that was found, there was a second false start. Now it appears they are good to go and will be seen through to completion. They haven't told me yet if the heel is to be red as well.

2007 is proving to be a quite different year than 2006. Dh took an early retirement effective Jan. 1. Despite all the cautions and warnings, we are having a pretty good time with this new found freedom. There is a lot more laughter in the house. (Who knew that after 30 years you can find out again how much you like and enjoy the person you married so long ago!?)

Speaking of the is getting a lot more attention than it's had in the past decade or so. Dh is a very competent handyman and (fortunately for all of us) he finds working on household repair and improvement projects to be relaxing (at least for now...I'm sure the novelty will wear off at some point.)

For the past several weeks I have felt like I'm playing Murphy Brown to his Eldon. Last weekend, I was away for the weekend and came home around 5 PM on Sunday to the smell of wet paint. Hmmm...the family room ceiling had been repaired and painted the week before, so that was finished. The house was where was the paint odor emanating from? I shouted up the stairs and down the basement stairs....He's in the basement was the reply. Now, the basement family room and bathroom have been painted recently and I like them the way they what was being painted?

Zoom down the stairs....whew..not to worry, he was painting the basement mechanical room. (Who makes it a point to paint the room that houses the furnace?....dh apparently.)

This week it has been the laundry room and mud room. (This is ironic and demonstrates just how different people can be.) Dh asked what color I wanted in the laundry and mud room. My reply was something kind of white because I like to have good lighting and visibility when doing laundry and fiber things in there. His reply, "Okay, I'll stop at Lowe's and pick up some white paint." Me: "Wait a minute! Do you know how many whites there are? I'm coming with you because I know exactly what I want."

Our laundry room and mud room walls are soon be be Dove White.

Meanwhile, I'm still wondering how two men (dh and ds) used up a 5 lb. bag of potatoes and a 3 lb. bag of onions while I was away last weekend. Apparently there is some culinary talent that is as yet untapped!


  1. Lovely to have a happy retired man busy around the house. A joy to behold. Lots of fried potatoes and onions, perhaps?

  2. Isn't it nice to know that we were right, way back then. My way back when isn't as far back as your's, but still good stuff.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful new chapter in your life is beginning. That's great! And BTW, while you were at Lowes picking out white paint, those socks told me they wanted red heels :)

  4. I use about that much potatoes and onions every time I make a chowder.

    And if dh finishes all of his painting and fixing around the house, I'm sure that you will be able to find some friends that you could lend him to ;-)

  5. Hi, Just saw your sock monkey sock and thought I'd give you a heads up - the pattern line from "Two Old Bags" which I carry, is designing a real sock monkey pattern to knit out of several different weights of yarn. I've been assured it's almost ready for production and I've seen the finished product which is adorable. Bonny - Creative Fibers, Minnesota


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