Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finish Line:

Two posts in one day! I thought it best to provide documented evidence that Swallowtail was indeed finished by my self-imposed Valentine's Day deadline:

Despite the necessity of using the flash and the general difficulty in getting good digital pictures of red, the color on my monitor is pretty accurate. The dye color was Prochem dark red (I forget the number). The yarn is handspun, from superwash merino top, so the original fiber color had a lot of yellow tones to it, typical of merino wool.

I am happy with the finished product. I added two more repeats to the edging pattern. The dimensions are 24" down the center back and 50" across the top edge.

These guys have been at the birdfeeder all week. Actually they are only two males of about 7 pairs of cardinals who have been frequenting the feeder outside our kitchen window. They seemed to be cheering me on each time I stood at the sink. Unfortunately they are quite shy and I could only get a photo through the window. (Believe me I tried getting one from outside, but these guys are extremely camera shy!) Maybe we should change the name of the shawl to Cardinal tail?


  1. Yup, we needed documentation ;-)

    Your Swallowtail (or Cardinal tail) looks great. The color is very rich and the additional repeats were an excellent idea. I wish I would have done that as my Swallowtail is a bit small.

  2. The shawl is spectacular! Your lace knitting is soooo impressive. As well as your lace weight spinning. Gorgeous!

  3. Love the color - and the cardinals too. Very cheery for a snowy Valentine's Day.

  4. Nice post, nice shawl(!), nice birds, all seem so Valentine-ish. I can't get a picture of our goldfinches because their feeder is too far from the window. Maybe we need another feeder closer to my camera.

  5. gorgeous swallowtail!

  6. Lovely shawl! Such a combination of skills involved to produce a beautiful piece handwork--and make the self- imposed deadline too....
    yep- pretty awesome...


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