Sunday, February 18, 2007

Distressing News....

Charleen asked how I was planning to distress the denim skirt. I didn't find much through google. There were suggestions to use a sanding head on an electric drill, or to dip the sanding head in bleach before using on the garment, and also just use sandpaper. I'm just looking to give the denim a 'broken in' look. Something to keep the skirt from screaming, "HOME MADE" from across the room...not necessarily the extreme frayed look that you can find on the racks right now.

I took a walk through the hardware store and found this artificial steel wool stuff. It comes in different grades. I chose "0" grade for this project, but it probably wouldn't hurt to have used the "1" grade to make the work go a bit faster. I wrapped the abrasive pad around a block of wood and rubbed the length of the garment. It seemed to work best if I worked slightly diagonal to the grain. And I focused on edges, seam lines, hem lines, etc. to get that comfortably worn look.

This is the after picture:

Here's the after picture with the product I used, wrapped around a block of wood.

After I finish the last bit of distressing, I plan to wash the skirt with about a half cup of diluted bleach in the wash water to complete the look I'm going for. I'm pretty happy with the results of this project.


  1. Great idea. I even have some of that stuff around here somewhere! My daughters are both shorter than me and sometimes even petite jeans are too long. I'll have to tell them about your discovery. It will make their hems look like the rest of the jeans.

  2. You're doing a lovely job on that skirt. The bleach ought to do the trick for the effect you want. Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. With the gores, I wonder if cast-off jeans could be appropriated. I'm trying to decide what to do with the number of jeans I have that are too short for my size 34 inseam leg. I think this might be the answer - thanks Valerie!


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