Monday, January 15, 2007

January '07 ice storm, originally uploaded by vmusselm.

Looking out my window... All of the trees and bushes are covered with about 1/4" of ice. Trees and power lines are cracking under the weight of ice while the wind is still. We are fortunate to have electricity and the roads at this point are only wet.

Forecast for tonight: dropping temperatures and wind. So our fortune may change.


  1. Janice6:06 PM

    I bet my trees will look like this tomorrow morning. It has been raining since last Thursday and tonight is falling temps. Got my leaky roof in the screen room repaired today. Hope it worked.
    Thought it was the window (sky-light) but it wasn't, so my contractor fixed it, no questions asked. yahoooo !

  2. Our trees looked like that this morning, but I invoked good karma/mojo the previous night by starting the generator and getting more gas. So all the ice melted by midday, and we should only have rain going to snow tonight.

  3. I'm thinking that Michigan is wetter and colder than Northwest Nevada. There's frost on the backs of our llamas - they actually seem to like it -- I don't think they want to live with you.


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