Thursday, January 18, 2007

Change of Fortune:

On the left we have the label with dyelot number of the Alpaca With A Twist Fino which arrived from Yarn Barn of Kansas in today's mail. On the right we have the beat up, twisted, and mangled label with the resurrected dye lot number from the Print O' the Wave Stole which I have moaned about here and here

You will notice that against all odds, these two skeins are from the same dyelot. I don't even remember where I purchased the first skein, but it certainly wasn't in Kansas, Dorothy. This is a piece of luck that I hadn't even dared to hope for. I was just planning on finding a way to live with dyelot discrepancy.

My whole attitude toward this shawl could turn on this one event!!

Also in the box from Yarn Barn:

Is that not the most delicious red you've ever seen? Swallowtail, here I come! (right after I stop and buy a lottery ticket.....who knows the luck may still be working!)


  1. Unbelievable luck on the dyelots! Congratulations! And yes, that is a red to drool over....

  2. Yes, you definitely should buy a lottery ticket - and that's from someone who has never bought one in her life! The red is really gorgeous. Have fun with Swallowtail's nubs :-)

  3. Janice10:00 PM

    Didn't know that kind of luck ran in this family. Good luck on the lottery and remember me, okay?
    Your Sis

  4. That is so amazing about the dyelots. Talk about a blessing. And what a fabulous red! Yum!

  5. I'm glad you showed the dyelot photos or I wouldn't have believed you. It's not possible - oh wait. I saw it for myself. Call me Thomas. Love the red. I wonder if could find that color in roving because I'd love to spin it but don't even want to think about dying something to that depth of shade.

  6. it is unbelievable! And yet there it is. Definately someone out there wants you to not only finish the shawl, but also enjoy it.


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