Saturday, January 13, 2007

Because Charleen asked...

The purple weft is indeed a tad darker than the purple in the warp. All yarns are 8/2's unmercerized cotton.

The acid green is a tad weaker than the rest of the yarns. Maybe it's the dye? I did wonder if perhaps it was cotton flake mislabeled as 8/2's unmerc. Keep a good thought that it won't break in the warp.



  1. I wouldn't worry if it is actually cotton flake in the warp. I've used the stuff that's roughly 8/2 weight many times without trouble.

  2. Yay for dishtowels! I am impressed with how well the colors are working together. It would be a daring combination for me, but then I always go for subtle shades of cool. I'll be interested in your experiments.

    I like your blog's new look too.

  3. I love your blog's new look! Thanks for the info too. I probably have the same colors in 8/2's and never thought of putting them together. I'll have to use your idea of using something you like for color inspiration

  4. Nice new look for the blog! And the dishtowels look super too!



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