Friday, August 25, 2006

Best quote I've heard all week...

"I'm being as nice as my personality will allow."

David Corn of The Nation on Diane Rehm

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mixed Message...
Earlier this week I received this wonderful, handcrafted shawl pin from Cathy

It is shown here on the in progress Print O' The Wave Stole

A few weeks ago, I mailed Cathy a book by Ivan Doig because he writes in a style I thought she might like. She mailed this as a thank you. It's lovely. No thank you gift was needed, but this one is much appreciated. Thank you, Cathy.

Last Friday was thick and humid, causing me to think I needed a haircut. My usual stylist wasn't in, so I was assigned to a young woman who lived in Vietnam until she was 13, then moved to Missipi (USA) for 10 years, and recently moved to Michigan. I can usually understand most people who have an accent, but I was totally lost with her English with a Vietnamese, deep south accent. I'm not sure which question she asked me that the answer produced this spikey haircut. But this is the best I can do with it.'s straight up and out all over my head.

My hair grows I just pretend that there's nothing strange about a head full of cowlicks on a middle aged woman for awhile...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

These days are a sort of 'break your heart' days in Michigan.

Being a temperate zone where winters can be long endurance tests of gray skies, frozen ground, and a range of knee deep snow to ankle deep dirty slush. Summers are short and arrive rapidly on the heels of a brief spring. Summer can produce sweltering, humid, windless days such as we've seen this year.

When moderate days with clear skies present themselves they must be at least noted, and at best, savored.

I am savoring. Last Friday was spent wrestling with the power washer to clean the upstairs balcony, the patio below, and the siding on the house. We are in a dry spell as the sun has moved a notch lower in the sky and the shadows have grown longer. Gardens are thirsty, crickets are singing, and the dragonflies parade themselves through my patio garden. On their vists, they fly by my patio chair and tip their wings, like sporting WWII Flyboys.

The wrens in the sheepy birdhouse are quiet this morning. The past two weeks have been a feeding frenzy as the parents return with grubs and insects. These reconnaisance missions where they return, grub in beak, to light on the east fence. After looking right, left, up and down, they hop to the north fence. Convinced that I am not a threat, they hop to the birdhouse perch where the babies squawk and compete for the food morsel.

Monday morning, I took my oatmeal and green tea to the patio to savor the early morning mood. While watching the wren food-shuttle, the humming bird came to visit the hollyhocks beside of the east fence. Lo and behold, mother wren and humming bird came close to colliding. Mother wren dropped her grub while humming bird dropped altitude and selected a lower bloom. An avian morning rush hour.

Not so much fiber happening as I enjoy these languid days. Today there is some wool scouring in quart jars in the canner. The locks were flicked and bundled some time ago, but the humidity was too high for washing wool.

I've knitted a little on Print of the Wave Stole with some dark blue lace weight Alpaca With A Twist.

I've listened to Judith MacKenzie McCuin on Weavecast (you should too...see button on sidebar).

And I've been reading. Actually the better phrase would be "book bingeing". Take a look at: Reader2 or click the link in the sidebar.

It's been fun reading Leigh's, Sarah's, and Charleen'sBlogs. The links are provided in case you actually want to see some fiber activity in progress.

I'll get back to it. The workshop with Bonnie is coming up. The days are getting shorter. The temperture will cool....and my 'grasshopper days' will be behind me as I return to 'ant level' activity.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I had some help...

while I was getting ready to scrub down the balcony today. Isn't (s)he pretty? If you check back in the blog, the previous dragonfly was bottle green. This one is rusty red and about half the size.

Fiber stuff:
Today I received the warping instructions for The Big Overshot Workshop. If you check out Bonnie's home page
our workshop is the one listed for Sept. 21-23.

Must go study the instructions and figure out what fiber to use.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm back...

The laundry is piled up. The flower beds need weeding. The patio needs sweeping.

So while I go do that, you go look at this textile video.

Makes me want to run away from home to East Berkshire College.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The End is Near...

Yesterday I had a few minutes before yoga and was browsing Barnes & Noble, first in magazines then I wandered over to craft books. Turns out the same lady who was frantically pulling down the great variety of knitting mags and flipping through them, was in the the craft book section by the time I got there.

When I started skimming through the poorly organized titles which are dominated by knitting, quilting, and beading, she asked me: "Are you a knitter?"

Oh my...I felt like Bill Clinton when I said, "That depends on what you mean by knitter."

It brought her up short for a minute, but instead of trying to find out more, she hurriedly went into her spiel of "how would I like to get 10% of my next knitting purchase?"

She works in a yarn shop about 20 miles from said B&N. Note I said 'works for' not 'owns'. And she's out peddling discount cards to generate business in an area that is well supplied with knitting stores.

Recent stops at my LYS suggest there is an inventory glut. I take these as signs that the buzz is soon to go bust.

I wish my LYS well, but I surely will be glad to see the lemmings pass and knitting return to a skillful activity.

Something else I noticed....a couple of 'knitting books' which are essentially blogs morphed into paper with binding are positioned in the "humor" section of B&N. Like where Erma Bombeck would be (yes, I date myself here). My suspicion is that if these 'writers' are to have any longevity, their humor will turn more generic in the relatively near future. Perhaps a title like: "The Foam Is Always Taller Over the Whole Milk Cappucino Cup".

My apologies for the lack of entries. Life has been busy with a lot of travel. I'm keeping my head above water in the day to day. However, that sort of activity makes for rather boring blogging. If you stop by to read, you deserve better than my checked off "to do" list.

Travel ends soon. Hopefully fiber begins even sooner!