Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Knitting chair...

We visited ds at Purdue this weekend. It was the typical parent's visit where one spends the day visiting various retail establishments to replenish or enhance the student's cache. One stop was at Circuit City where we had an abysmally long wait at the Verizon counter to replace a broken cell phone holster. During the wait, I browsed the TV section and found the ultimate knitting chair:

It's the AK Designs Rocking Gaming Chair

This is the ultimate irony. Here is a chair designed for hip, young (mostly male) video gamers. Here we are, knitters, who go out of our way to avoid the "granny in rocking chair" stereo type. This chair ROCKS! (painful pun intended). You can sit back in this chair and be fully supported at the shoulders and hips, providing the perfect support for your arms to hold the knitting in the same place that gamers hold their controllers. And for those of us with gradient lenses (aka bifocals), the head and hands are in the right place to see the knitting through the close up part of the lens and yet the distance part of the lens allows one to look up to see the tv.

I have only two criticisms of this chair for the knitter. First, it's a little low to the ground. When it's time to finally put down the knitting and crawl out of the chair, it might take a little more than just leaning forward to spring to your feet (esp. if you're over 40.) The second would be the color scheme...some choices beyond the red/black combo would be much preferred, by this knitter at least.

Check it out at Circuit City or Best Buy. I'd love to know what you think. (Hmm perhaps we'll soon see a version marketed by Nancy Shroyer or in Knit Picks!)