Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The "Twelve Meals of Christmas" and the meaning of blogging....

Just spent most of the day shopping for "The Twelve Meals of Christmas". Do the math: 8 houseguests + (4 day visit * 3 squares per day) = 12 meals of Christmas. Everything is purchased and planned. However, I've decided to wait until Friday or very early Saturday to finish purchasing the fresh produce needed.

The deal stands with the dh: I will sling the hash, but he will have to be the 'cruise director'. This year we will be living the sequel to Griswold Family Christmas

Sheila was looking for fruitcake recipes earlier. I was tempted to join her, since I am a fruitcake fan (now you may be asking: why didn't that show up in the weird things about me post?) but this year I'm afraid the brandy would never make it near the cake. Best for me to find a good group of Friars or Brothers (or whatever) and buy a tin of fruitcake!

And as if there aren't enough rhetorical questions floating around in the universe, here's a new one to ponder: what happens to your blogs when you die? Go read it and find out....

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  1. Ah! I'm not alone in the world! I LOVE fruitcake!


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