Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ornaments from Jackie and Traversing Thin Ice

These arrived in the mail a couple weeks ago, but holiday preparations got in the way of sharing them on the blog..

They are exquisitely folded fabric. And I believe the fabric is hand dyed (if not, it sure looks it.) Here's a close up of the lighter colored one:

Thank you, Jackie. They are lovely!

We safely traversed the thin ice of: too many family members, too close together, for too much time with out long term adverse effects. It appears that we provided the holiday celebration they were hoping to experience.

The 4 day event got off to a rocky start when one person arrived with a sore throat and fresh prescription of zithromax. The third car with my nephews was on it's way from Philadelphia...making it's way slowly because the older nephew with a bout of the stomach flu, required a visit at most turnpike rest stops along the way. They arrived after a 12 hour drive dehydrated and not stable in the digestive department. So we spent the rest of Christmas Eve eve making runs (no pun intended) for Immodium, Gatorade, and Vernors (for the "traditional" Michigan stomach cure) and then on the phone back and forth with urgent care. The mother of both sick cousins is a nurse...the nurse to nurse phone conversations got a little tense and terse. Inauspicious beginnings....

At this point, I was very glad that we reserved two motel rooms for part of the lot of the guests. Visions of a strep and dysentary epidemic were dancing through my head. After we got everyone shipped off to their respective beds, I scrubbed down the main floor bathroom, door knobs, etc. with bleach and threw all of the hand towels on the first floor in the wash.

Christmas Eve dawned and things proceeded smoothly from there. In addition to putting food on the table at regular intervals, I passed out decongestant, ibuprofen, and Chloraseptic throat strips upon request. Everything else is a blur. My husband was a trooper and a Godsend. He took over the kitchen for awhile on Christmas afternoon to set out a buffet lunch while I crashed on our bed for a half hour. Then he got everyone to the basement family room to watch Shrek 2 while I assembled Christmas dinner.

So the two of us are in recuperation mode. Now I have visions of new warps dancing in my head. Time to pull out the cones of 8/2's cotton assembled weeks ago for kitchen decor enhancing dish towels. Tomorrow I will be winding a multicolor, striped warp.

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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    The ornaments do look lovely on your tree! But I can take no credit for the fabric. Both were purchased. But I am glad that you like them.
    I have been wondering how you fared over the holidays with all of your house guests but I never thought to throw a few different viruses into the mix!
    It is funny how after all of the business of the holidays is over, our thoughts turn to new and exciting warps! I have visions of double weave and dyed crackle warps dancing in my head!


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