Saturday, December 16, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me Me-me....

I've been tagged for this me-me by Leigh

1. There's nothing weird about's the rest of you that have the weird quirks. Really...that was my first reaction.

2. Well...there is that thing I have about doors: Either open them all the way or close them (preferably latched). Nothing grates like a half open door or drawer. But there is a reason: after working in a residential school for blind children and seeing a blind child walk into the edge of half open door that someone carelessly left hanging out in the hallway, one recognizes that doors should be open or shut, period.

3. As I lie in bed, there are 3 doors on the wall facing me: the entrance to the room, the bathroom door, and the door to the walk-in closet. Any guesses about the last thing I do before climbing into bed?

4. My sense of humor. It goes over the head of quite few people, or they 'get it' after I've walked away. See #3.

5. I'm a pretty private person and am often amazed at: a.) the assumptions people make about me. b.) that people take it personally (and sometimes with hostility)when I don't choose to share my personal thoughts or feelings with them.

6. I don't mind being a group leader, but I hate being the center of attention, and especially hate surprise parties and surprise visits. IMO Surprise parties are the epitome of passive agressive behavior:
a. my husband and I had a small wedding with only immediate family. This drove my Mom crazy, she wanted to throw a shower for me with extended family members who were not invited to the wedding. I told her I wouldn't come...I didn't, she did...they had a wedding shower without me.
b. I was on bedrest the last weeks of my pregnancy w/ my son. After 3 weeks of bedrest our dear friends asked if I couldn't at least come over to their house for brunch one Sunday. I reluctantly agreed that perhaps we could come for lunch but I would have to keep my feet elevated. I trusted these people. As it turned out, my water broke the night before, we rushed to the hospital, my son was born 5 wweks premature at 12:15 PM on Sunday. My husband called our friends from the recovery room, to offer our regrets....there were 35 people there for a baby shower, waiting for us to arrive. They had the baby shower without us.
Moral of the story....if you try to throw a surprise event for me, count on it to backfire.

Now...I'm supposed to tag six people...hmmm....
Tell you what, if you want to be tagged for this, leave a message in the comments and I'll tag you. That way you're not surprised, and I'd be happy to tag the willing.


  1. I agree with #1 especially - and am the same way about most of the rest. My exMIL insisted on surprise parties - I thought that was extremely rude of her. So glad she is now the exMIL. #3 - I leave my closet door open for the cats. They trained me well. Drawers, always shut - if they get in there, they have to kick their way out.

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Ah yes, cats are a cure for closed doors, aren't they? Obviously you're perfectly normal. Loved the stories about the surprise parties. I related most to #5 and 6.


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