Friday, November 17, 2006

Just looking around...

Thanks for the encouraging comments on the last post. Nothing on the tube tonight so I decided to surf YouTube. Here are some clips you might enjoy.

First of all, if you use "handspinning" as your search term on YouTube you get some unexpected results. But there's some fun things there too. Take a look at Blood, Sweat & Wool. Then there's the strange and weird Wool Boy.

I thought I was a fast knitter until Fast Knitting.

While we're on the subject of speed take a look at: Speed Weaving. After seeing this I've decided that my technique needs some work.

And This Little Lamb would probably tell you that speed is not always a good thing.

Finishing with a bit of history, you can watch Mrs. Helen Madrell card and spin wool in a film clip from 1938 on the Isle of Man. When you look at this clip, think about it: in 1938 she had no idea that people around the world would be sitting watching her 68 years later. I've never been able to get the back of the cards to roll a rolag like that. Her style of handling the wool suggest she's spinning in the grease to me.


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