Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not so humble, but funny....

In Michigan we often have very short springs and very long autumns. Tigers in the World Series notwithstanding, this year we have a very short autumn, to the tune of 27 degree this morning.

Yesterday dear son graciously wore the Inishmaan sweater, an AS design I knitted for him a couple years ago. I didn't see him until he walked in the door around 3 PM. I took one look at him and asked, "Why are you wearing your sweater inside out?" He looked down and said, " one else noticed all day. Must be because the inside looks so nice."

(Is he smooth or what?) Anyway...I'll take that as a compliment. At long last I've achieved what my Mom tried to teach me so long ago with embroidery...the back side should be as neat as the front.

However, in the spirit of quit while I'm ahead, I won't be knitting him a fair isle or intarsia sweater any time soon!

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