Friday, October 06, 2006

Blog break....

I didn't set out to take a blog-break, but it seems that's what has happened. If one were to compare life to melody, the past few weeks have been sort of like a riff in the jazz of my life. Some harmony, some dissonance, and a lot of notes headed in different directions.

Or, if you can stand another metaphor: the techtonic plates of our lives are shifting and it's going to be interesting to see where things land. Not to worry...nothing seriously bad is happening. Just changes distracting me from fiber, which is really what this blog is supposed to be about. So, let's go there:

Whoa...perhaps this picture is the third metaphor in the series! (sort of reminds me when tv used to go off the air at night!) It's the samples woven during the Big Overshot workshop with Bonnie Inouye

The workshop was heavy on lecture and looking at possibilities. That means there is a lot of warp left on the loom to experiment and continue the learning. Since the workshop, I've spent a fair amount of time Fiberworks PCW playing with tie-ups and treadlings to determine which options I want to weave and which ones are best left in the computer.

Here's the treadling/tie-up I'm working with now:

The pattern is appealing to me, but the pattern weft is too much like the ground fabric, so it's kind of "meh".

Bonnie suggested trying rayon chenille as the tabby with a contrasting pattern thread. The tabby would provide sufficient tie down to prevent the rayon chenille from worming. I definitely want to try that. In the first picture, the purple pattern weft at the bottom of the sample is rayon chenille. Although it didn't worm in the first washing of the sample, it would likely do so if it were in a garment that got wear.

There are so many possibilities in weaving, it's impossible to try them all: threading, treadling, tie-up, warp yarn, weft yarn, pattern yarn..... I'm trying to go about the sampling in a systematic way. Yet it's necessary to manipulate more than one variable with each sample, so I can try different pattern yarns in the different treadlings.

So, I'm headed back to the loom to wrap up National Spinning & Weaving week and will leave you to ponder this:

Does this explain why they call itan aster-isk?


  1. Looks like you learned a lot at Bonnie's workshop. I really like your samples.

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I forgot to ask about the class and you didn't mention it. Looks like you enjoyed it! I also forgot to ask if you were still coming to see me ??????

  3. Nice samples. I have been wondering how the work shop went. Glad you learned a lot.


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